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HISTORY OF THE Organisation

The original association under the name Förderverein Schlaubemündung-Odertal e.V. (FSO) was founded on 28 June 2010 in connection with the 2020 development concept of the Brieskow-Finkenheerd district.

Planning and implementing sustainable concepts to maintain and enrich the quality of life – that was the goal from the very beginning. Areas such as tourism, location and economic development were planned together and brought to life through numerous activities and concepts. However, it was above all in the area of tourism that decisive progress and successes were achieved. And the tourism organisations slowly began to recognise that the Schlaube Oderland region needed to be developed and discovered.

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After over 10 years, we know our strengths and also our opportunities to exert a qualitative influence on the development of life in Brieskow-Finkenheerd and to realise ideas.

We know each other and we know who is willing to work towards these goals with a lot of energy and often also with enthusiasm. Now it was only necessary to create short paths for enquiries and transparency about our work status towards our district. A supplementary advisory board was therefore established in 2021.


The organisation’s areas of responsibility were revised on the basis of analyses of previous projects. The idea of creating a regional tourism region has finally been taken up again. A major challenge. Now all that was missing was a suitable corporate identity and a new name for the organisation, or rather, a name that also embodied the region. In 2021, the time had finally come.

The organisation’s current and future tasks will be to develop and establish the Oder Schlaubeland tourism region. The establishment of a citizens’ network, in which we provide information about ideas and activities and promote co-operation between all generations, is a further area of activity.

The road is long, but today we are already the point of contact for useful information, places of particular interest, events, insider tips, but also an important co-operation partner for the preparation, support and implementation of innovative ideas and projects in connection with German-Polish co-operation.

# Brandenburg honours commitment to Europe

European certificates were ceremoniously awarded in Potsdam / Minister for Europe Lange:

Particular wealth of ideas, especially during the pandemic – European neighbourhood stands on firm foundations.

Marta Sztelmach-Więcek (Managing Director of RGV Schlaube Oderland e.V.) in Brieskow-Finkenheerd and the Polish border community of Cybinka, the RGV Schlaube-Oderland e.V.l e.V. not only organises joint cultural and entertainment events. Together, the stakeholders have also campaigned for the Aurith-Urad ferry connection and developed the water, cycling and hiking trails close to the border for the tourism industry in the border region.

# RGV Schlaube Oderland e.V. gewinnt pro agro Marketingpreis 2024


# Brandenburg honours commitment to Europe